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Creating Software, Building and Helping teams...

We build elegant, usable web applications that simplify your business

Our bespoke web application development is driven by a dedication to intuitive, responsive, user interfaces and simple logic. Desktop or Mobile, SME or Corporate. We're currently working on a cloud based product that allows small management consultancies to track efficiencies and waste for their clients.

We build teams

Teams that burst with a desire to meet your needs. Diverse teams that stretch and inspire each other. We recruit the right team and set them off down a righteous path, loving quality, loathing waste.

We help you adopt an Agile and Lean mindset

Agile consulting/coaching/mentoring/workshops/anything else? After 8 years as a Scrummaster and a 100 blogs posts, I’m happy to share my failures and successes and help you find a path to a more effective way of working.

Remote Working

Are you working remotely and struggling to be a collaborative team, or a collaborative team wanting to work remotely? If so we can help establish effective ways of working by running remote workshops with your team from 1/2 to 2 days long.


I'm happy to speak at events and local meetups about remote collaborative work or Agile Development. In 2013 I ran a workshop at Scrum Gathering Paris (slides here) and Lean Kanban UK (video here).

Who is ?

is Tom Howlett. aka @DiaryOfScrum, the man behind Diary Of A Scrummaster and enjoys speaking at Agile Conferences (although he denies any affiliation with any specific process, methodology or whatever). Instead he focuses on getting your teams happy and your organisation happy and profitable. It's a simple purpose.


Email me at leantomato@tomhowlett.com and tell me about the way you work now and problems you face. I'm happy to come over and see you and spend some time with your team(s), or of course you can contact me as tomahowlett on Skype.

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